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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

DIY Denim Hobo Bag

Awhile ago my cousin was chatting about her beginner sewing adventures. So when I was recently in Portland, we caught up and she pulled out her in-progress denim “hobo bag.”  It certainly is a super solution for a pair of has-been jeans:
 - the legs have been cut off;
- the bottom sewn closed;
- a pair of comfortable denim straps were added, cut from the legs;
- and a cheerful lining is now pinned in place, ready to be stitched.
Thanks to Sandy, her neighborhood's amazing sewing whiz, who not only stitched together the charming patched lining to ensure a touch of polish, but also taught my cuz to pin, cut and sew the denim – including those long, hefty shoulder straps that she proudly pointed out.
I adore the collaboration and the generosity, of sharing sewing skills, patterns, creativity and leftover fabrics, with a true beginner. After further investigation, it seems that Sandy is sharing her knowledge all over the place.  She does all the mending at her local clothing redistribution center so that needy kids can dazzle with their "new" clothes.  And over the years she has taught Girl Scouts, exchange students, as well as her own children, to sew. (In fact, some of her Girl Scouts funded their way to Mexico and Europe by sewing and selling their wares.) She herself, learned to sew from sitting on her mother’s knee, Girls Scouts and Home Ec, back when it existed in schools.
Sewing stories are also stories about life!
Hmm…have you any sewing or mending adventures to share?


Anonymous said...

Hello Nancy, thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. I think your book is brilliant!

Nancy said...

Oh, Joanna, it is so fun to hear you are delighted!
I know you bring your own charming signature to whatever you make,