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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Creative denim tree decoration

Isn't it wonderful, when someone takes junk - like a pair of old jeans - and surprises you with the possibilities of what can happen when you creatively combine your imagination with some crafting skill - to transform those old cast-off jeans into another product, that is charming and useful. 
"Michele Made Me" has done just that - superbly, whimsically and artistically!
She cut the denim into strips, rolled them up and glued them into tree shapes. 

She then has used the trees to decorate many items, including the back-to-school pencil case in the top photo.  I loved her denim project and wanted so much to share the tutorial (click here). 
Hope it inspires you. 
Thank you Michelle!


Michele said...

Nancy, thanks so much for your kind words and for linking to my tutorial. It is an honour. This is such a lovely place you have here! I will be back...

Nancy said...

Michele, your combination of imagination and skillful craftmanship is rare and ... I only wish I was with you when you were making those buttons!
Best wishes,