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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Antique denim quilts

Pig -Pen (1945-55)
These beautiful quilts, are part of an eclectic group of "Improvisational Quilts" (from The Henry Ford), created by Susana Allen Hunter from the 1930s - 70s. She was an Alabama sharecropper, and old worn denim found it's way into many of her quilts. With imaginative craftsmanship, she mixes the denim with other fabrics, creating different moods and memories. Strip Quilt Pieced Quilt 1950/55
Nine Patch

all photos: The Henry Ford

I discovered Susana's quilts here, on Elizabeth's blog, where she has also posted a cool denim bag.


Michele Pacey said...

ah! beautiful Nancy!

Nancy said...

Michele - isn't it inspirational! Just like your beautiful handwork!!

Roxas said...

Those are so pretty!!! May I ask you how to repair one? I've gotton one simular and its in pretty bad sahpe. Any suggestions? Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!

Nancy said...

Hi Roxas,
Repairing a worn quilt is a wonderful project. Just build on top of what you have, stitching, patching, playing with colors and patterns, until it is both more durable and lovely.
Lots of luck, nancy