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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Denim DIY giveaway

All month I have been following the wonderful denim based crafting creativity over on MicheleMadeMe. Beautiful craftmanship, industrious ideas and the unexpected have rolled out for every budget and ability. Even though I couldn't carve out the time to stitch myself it didn't dimish my sharing in the fun, the enthusiasm and my denim plans for the future! Now, in typical Michele fashion, she has a denim crafting give away like no other, with a pile of treasures for two lucky people. Quickly go over and put your name in the pool!


Carol said...

I love Michele's ideas. Thanks for promoting her site. She's great!

Agy said...

Hi Nancy! I just received the book in Michele's denim crafting give away. I'm having a wonderful time going through it!

Agy @ Green Issues

Nancy said...

I am soo delighted you received the book and are enjoying!
Happy recycling and creating,